Jack Ma & Elon Musk disagree about AI threat

September 4, 2019

What happens when two major tech giants, Jack Ma and Elon Musk debate on artificial intelligence. This rare debate took place at the World AI Conference. Watch this video to know more.



  1. The world will end when the Creator decides, why would anyone want to live forever here. Interesting subject, I find it fascinating to hear others talk about wanting to extend there lives past the time frame we were designed for.

  2. Dear Sandra, thank you for your comment. Lets take an example: Your friend’s little child is very sick and you must give him antibiotics in order to stay alive. Wouldn’t you give them to him? Or you are going to say: let him live the timeframe he was designed to live. ? I guess you will give him the medicine eventually. This way you are going to extend his life with something that it is not natural (the antibiotics are man made synthetic chemicals).
    The same thing are trying here. To cure old age sickness like Alzheimer or cancer in order to further extend the human life. It’s the same principle.

  3. It’s absolutely crazy to assume we as imperfect humans will not misused AI until the only outcome is our Extinction. Biohacking is the next big thing in our society integrating us with technology and machine literally, breeding ourselves out I mean the practically doing the work for our greatest fears.

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